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I am a christian but I can’t stop sleeping with my boyfriend – Moesha Boduong

She was on Delay show talking about a lot of issues, she touched on issues relating to her work and explained why she takes pictures which project her backs side.

When it came to her relationship, actress Moesha Boduong revealed that her heartthrob is a divorcee.
According to her, she met the man whom she affectionately calls Lardy after years of divorcing his wife.
“The man I am dating is divorced and for the record, he was divorced long before I met him,” she said on the show.
She went on to proclaim her love for the church and the things of God and when the host, Delay asked if she sleeps with the said man, Moesha said yes.

Commenting on if she is aware that it was a sin to have sex out of wedlock she answered, “The man is my boyfriend, we are dating so I cannot say I will not have sex with him. For me, I think God looks at the heart and not what we do. I will pray to God to forgive my sins and guide me.”
For her acting career, she said that the road has not been smooth, in fact she got to that point of giving up on her dreams which was to become an actress.
“The beginning was funny, it was not easy, a lot of times, I wanted to give up but anytime I want to, that is when an opportunity presents itself. But in all, God has been good,” she said.
By: livefmghana/Ghana/91.9FM
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