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EVENT - FRIDAYCLIQUES - The Talent Foundation

Friday Cliques is an Initiative created by MotionHypeGh, it was constructed to help take off the strive some underground musicians, actors and actresses go through before getting to the main stream, Speaking to the boss of friday clique Flakes K Tetteh, he was ardent about getting the whole inventive into commence.
The inspiration came in when an artist stood bold to let his heart out, about how they struggle to make money for their promo's on radio's and TV, even after our hustles to pay lots of money we are still regected and not recorgnized in the ongoing scene. DJ's take money (Payola) from the artist and promise for massive plays on air but comes out to be all lies.  And moving to some TV and radio stations to pay crazy amount for your music and video to be Played, Motionhypegh brought this initiative to support upcoming acts to find their way through online hype , radio promotion, Shows and Events to make it Possible for their erupting out as super stars. This is what the CEO, Flakes had to say about the whole idea behind friday clique.  Moreover, Friday Cliques has been in existence for the past two months and entry's are open for both mainstream acts and undergrounds as well. Powered by motionhypegh.blogspot.com and partnered by One Click , Doffachi Africa. ,FFHypeTeam ,SoundsGh ,TemaMusic Hub

which is the business aspect of the entertainment industry in Africa.

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