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The fun loving family of Amarretti is once again bringing the fun back this Easter as we   tour the best tourist sites in the Volta Region of Ghana in a Road Trip dubbed “Titanium” - Road Trip to Volta.
This is a getaway trip from the heat of the city to cool off at the best tourist sites in Volta Region, specifically, Moutain Afadzato, Wli falls and
Tafi-Atome monkey sanctuary. This event is a sleepover trip that comes off on 26th-27th March, 2016.
 A single ticket goes for Gh¢ 150 and Gh¢ 250 for couples.
The purchased ticket caters for transportation, entrance fees at tourist sites, food and drinks, trip souvenirs and hotel accommodation. Other activities to be held during the trip includes: party in the bus, photo-shoot, hiking, night bonfire, jams, and socialization, to mention but a few.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny space you occupy in the world.” Grab your tickets and join the bus for this wonderful adventure.
 For Tickets and further details, call the following numbers :
0202 806 727/ 0273 412 563 / 0205 427 555/ 0209 047 813.
Follow @amarretti on instagram to learn more.
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