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Story: "Kwaw Kese is a genius" Larry Lizzard supports Kwaw Kese's Forever Album launch

Fast rising afro-pop artiste Larry Lizzard who recently released a smashing single “Sachikin” the  latest anthem on the streets has come out to commend rapper Kwaw Kese for putting up a great album “Forever.”

The album has 20 tracks and Larry Lizzard amongst other industry person supported Kwaw Kese at the launch at West Hills Mall over the weekend (12-03-16).

Speaking in an interview with bjrlivefm.com, Larry Lizzard disclosed that Kwaw Kese is a survivor in the music industry looking at all the bad events he has been through from his manager’s sudden demise to prison issues and his personal life.

“Kwaw Kese is a strong man and I respect him for that because doing music or living your life as a musician is not easy especially when there are little or no resources to support in a country like Ghana”

“He’s still the king of the street and being able to release his sixth album although he still worries about the death of his manager. This is a great step to shape his music career”

“As a musician, I believe in hard work and Kwaw Kese is a symbol of hard work and dedication to many youngsters who want to pursue music full time”

“Forever album has great songs and it features great artistes as well, Kwaw is genius for blending the album with that Naija collabo, it spices the whole album up”

Asked whether he will be smoking the peace pipe with Shatta Wale anytime soon, he said: “Well I don’t have any problem with Shatta Wale”

“He’s doing fine as expected and the days will determine what right things need to be done and what doesn’t”

“Personally, I don’t think I have any issue with him but if I do, then I lost count what really happened”

“All I can say is, a group of people from his camp doesn’t want us to belong and as focused as I am, I’m doing my best to avoid unnecessary attention and company”

Larry lizard further hinted that video to his latest single “Sachikin” which features Gasmilla will be out soon.

“Sachikin” is doing well currently and I want to thank all the DJs supporting my music, the video is cooking and fans should watch out for the epic footage soon. Watch the video below:
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