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After a successful album launch of his first ever official album (SPAR JUNKIEZ) this year, and some appearances on big stages, Young Ghanaian multi talented Raggae danchall artiste and painter, Episode has had a name re-brand. 

The re-brand, to me is based on certain reasons that is considered  as threats to the former brand EPISODE and thus just a change in the spelling from EPISODE to EPIXODE will be helpful to the young artiste's musical career.
Quoted below is a precise statement from the management team (Gbevu Music Group):
“We wish to announce to the general public the change of name of our brand Episode to EPIXODE , in effect, the replacement of the letter ‘S’ with ‘X’ in the name. This is basically to carve a niche of uniqueness for the name and make it easily accessible to fans and the public, especially via social media and online search engines. This actually can be considered as the first phase of the rebranding process on-going with our artiste. The change is expected to bring out the ‘X- factor’ in him, thus EPIXODE. We hereby wish to indulge the general public to take not of this change. Thank you!” – signed by Edmund Sackey (@GbevuMusicGroup)


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