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Meek Mill's Community House Arrest Extended

Meek Mill should have being celebrating his first night of freedom, but instead he's still on lock-down after failing to follow the judge's orders. 

According to TMZ.com Sources connected to Meek's camp reveal that, he got hit with an additional 8 days of house arrest to give him time to complete the right kind of community service, because he volunteered at all the wrong places.
Documents pertaining to Meek's arrest depict that, the judge specified Meek needed to put in 90 days of work with the homeless, Habitat for Humanity or senior citizens and veterans. Meek's camp says that was never specified, but we've seen it in black and white.

We're told Meek spent time visiting schools, helping out with Flint's water crisis and delivering motivational speeches. Another problem -- we're told Meek only worked 6 days per week.
He did put in hours at homeless shelters, but clearly not enough.
Meek's original release date was Wednesday (1st June), but the Philly D.A.'s Office says it will reevaluate once his volunteer work is completed.

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