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Meet Fk Bedi, the fast rising photographer in Ghana

Photography over the years has been eclipse by the western poineers, some tough young Africans  have tried to defy the norm. One of such is Farouk Knido Bedi, Chief Executive Director of Fk Bedi photography.  

For him, photography is a lifestyle and a hobby. A dream he never wants to wake up from. 

He has had the opportunity to shoot some of Ghana’s finest stars and couples; the smile on their faces when he delivers gives him all the satisfaction and fulfillment he wants. 

A Little interview he granted with motionhypegh.net when he was ask why photography and he answered with a smile  “when I was a child I was a photo freak, popping into photos that I’m not invited to. Then I grew up and started roaming from one studio to the other taking photos of myself. Then I got a camera phone and all I did was taking photos left right centre. The passion grew in the subsequent years,  Then I knew it wasn’t just photos but keeping memories for years to come.” 
Farouk knido Bedi has over the years shown his adeptness in what he do which gain him much popularity in the field of photography. It such an awesome scene when you see him in action taking coverage of an event. For your shows and events :

Facebook : fkbedi photography 
Intagran : fkbedi photography 
Tel: 0244215646

Below are some of his coverages from events :

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