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New Music: god MC|| Manifest (Prod by Dream Jay)

One of Ghana's best rap acts M.anifest, has released a new one titled god MC produced by Dream Jay. The rapper in this song hints his listeners about his upcoming album "No Where Cool" and also uses this platform to reply a verse in Sarkodie's new song ft JaySo "Bossy".
 In case you are lost?
Some few days ago, the African rap god as Sarkodie is reffered to, released a song called bossy in which he said in one of his rap verses:
"Manifest, please lemme borrow your doh doh doh te doh to end my verse"
Manifest also in his new one, god MC, also replied saying
"Ma guy obidi, lemme return the favor, you know what time its is?? later!!!"
 For those who are still lost, "doh doh doh te doh"  and "you know what time it is" are two different slogans used by the two musicians Manifest and Sarkodie respectively. The musicians almost always employ these slogans in their songs, and also, fans of these artistes use these slogans to relate to them during performances etc.
 god MC|| Manifest (Prod by Dream Jay)

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