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OneBlak, the fast rising vocalist Nigerian taking Ghana music by surprise

Yinka oyinloye popularly known as One blak hailed from Oyó state, ibadan Nigeria.From the street of moboluwaji...

He attended holy life nursery school,secondary sch.  Government college of ibadan.. And studied music in oshiele, Abeokuta and proceeded to south Africa To futher in his music career..where he attained his degree   In music 2011..

Joined the upper east music   industry in 2014 upon arriving in Ghana and today he's  most recognised artist in bolgatanga in affiliation with fireblaze music studio..

One black first discovered his passion to make music when he started partaking in music competition in his high school days and release his debut compilation titled “NA GOD" in 2014 out of his hardwork and dedication to music. 
After about 2 years In the northern part of Ghana doing music, he then travelled down to Accra where where he is currently recording and manifesting his talent. 
He is a versatile artist and just like how Mr eazi was tagged to be a genius and he has proven that fact, I can prove with my available thesis through listening to his music such as "MIXED FEELINGS" ,"MAKE YOU CRY"and "CORNY LOVE" . This guy is one hell of a music fanatic that you should look up too. VERSATILE, SOOTHING/SILKY VOICE , ATTITUDE describe his demeanor. 



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