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Lituation XVi Pool and Barbecue Jam

KolorsGH in collaboration with the Onehunnid Fam and Legions GH presents the #LituationXVi pool and Barbecue Jam. The event has been slated for the 27th of August (from 1 pm till late) this year and will be held at the Tripple Hill Hotel. 

The venue is a carefully selected site that has just the appropriate facilities and resources to keep you jamming through out the whole party.

Like this hill top swimming pool. 
Locate Tripple Hill Hotel at Choice along the Kasoa Road, just before Eddy's Pizza

The event has been well organised and has a carefully coordinated outline which will thrill you and your friends. There is PS4 bash for the game freaks, photoshoot and interviews with celebrities for the cam lovers and lots and lots of barbecue and beverages. Owh and for the wild folks, we have your shisha lounge ready for you. 

Come enjoy the strawberry slashes and lemonade squeezes.
Swimming pool splashes and warm summer breezes at this year's #LituationXVi

Join us on social media via the hash tag #LituationXVi on all social media platforms.

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