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Amerado - Save My Soul ( SMS )Prod.by-@AzeeBurner (Download)

Amerado is known for his energetic and controversial rap style; but this new singles shows us a different version of the rapper. This song took a different route and it’s very different from the usual topic. In this song, Amerado kneels before God and begged for salvation and also used the opportunity to tell others to seek the mercies of God.
The mid-tempo beat sort of influenced the rapper’s attitude; but syncs perfectly with the topic. Even though the rap attitude somehow reflected on the song, he was more sober and that gives me the impression that, before God, you will have to freeze everything in you to the lowest degree. But… A beast is always a beast!
Amerado has released lots of singles this year and rose lots of eye-brows. The rapper has no chill when it comes to displaying his lyrical prowess. I have endorsed him as one of the most talented rappers I have listened to this year. Let’s see what he is up to this time. Check this out and don’t forget to share your comments with us.
Update your playlist with this new one from  Amerado - Save My Soul ( SMS )Prod.by-@AzeeBurner (Download)
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