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Kokomlemle City All Stars to drop peace song titled 'No War'

With the 2016 general elections drawing closer, it is good to see people from all walks of life preach peace and unity.
Speaking of unity, artistes in and around Kokomlemle City join hands to send their peace and anti violence messages across in a song titled 'No War'. The tune will feature acts like Bino, Adi Baddaman, Jah Flow, Jigimantins
PH 1 and many more with production credits going to Kundalini.
According to Qonscious Jah one of the coordinators of the project, "Kokomlemle City is for peace and so should all ghanaian communities. Although the release date for the song is not yet confirmed, Qonscious Jah assures us the song could drop at any moment.
credit -george Annor Ansah
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