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KUSH TAYLOR Apologizes; Claims He Was Brainwashed All This While.

Another loyalist from the Shatta Movement 4 Life (SM4Lyf) owned by Ghana's dance hall musician Shatta Wale just caused a shake on social media. Kush Taylor as he is popularly known; a staunch loyalist of Shatta Wale, has over the years being one of the mouthpieces of Shatta Wale.

The circles of Ghanaian media has seen Kush Taylor verbally attacking celebrities like Samini, Iwan, and most recently Criss Waddle via his Facebook posts usually. Earlier today, (about an hour and half past mid-day) Kush Taylor took to Facebook to apologise to all his victims and claims to have been brainwashed.

His apology is more juiced-up, in a period where the Ara-B and Shatta Wale feud has barely being digested. Barely a week ago, Shatta Wale was alleged to have called security on Arah B after accusing him of being a wolf-in-a-sheep skin and for "selling he (Arah B out".

Therefore Kush Taylor's apology together with Ara B's submission raise questions about the present status of the SM4Lyf movement. Is Shata Wale losing his loyalists? If yes why? Could he be the real 'sell out' and pretender as people claim he is? 

Another question about this apology too that can be asked is that: "Will Samini, Criss Waddle and others, (forgive Kush Taylor)?

Stick and stay as we bring you exclusive updates on the Shatta Wale Kush Taylor saga as it unfolds.

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