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He Showers Me With Money And Luxury But No Sex…Do I Need To Be Worried?

This week on our love, sex and relationship column, we’ll be scrutinizing a letter from Nana Sarpomaa, who receives everything but SEX from her boyfriend of two (2) years and is distressed about it. Let’s look into it, shall we?
“Hi Naya, I have been with my boyfriend for a little over two years now; he showers me with absolute luxury but denies me of one thing I need the most as a 21st century woman, sex. Chris is an amazing gentleman with a great physique who gives me the exact treatment and pampering meant for a real Queen. He owns and runs several garages in the capital and is very successful in his line of business. My world revolves around this guy and I simply can’t imagine life without him. In less than two years I made several visits to the Caribbean islands, Dubai and many other fancy tourist destinations all fully sponsored by Chris.
“He made it a point to get me a new car every New Year’s eve and to fulfill that, this year he got me a Porsche Panamera in addition to the Porsche cayenne he got me the previous year. This dude certainly knows how to spoil me like the princess I am; because of him I am living the dream of every Ghanaian girl. Naya… I really meant it when I said my baby is faaaabulously rich.  With regards to the case of intimacy, I’d say I have a zero level of sex action; the farthest I had gone with him was a tight warm hug coupled with a dry Pentecostal kiss. My sex life is nothing to write home about so every now and then I rely on dildos and other sex toys for the satisfaction I need. I discussed my situation with some friends and they suggested that I seduced him, so I popped up in his house one night in the sexiest outfit; cooked up a simple romantic dinner for two, enjoyed some wine, twerked and shook my tail feather and all I got from him was “damn girl, you’re hot” nothing more. I even tried to unzip his shorts but he quickly stopped me, gave me a peck on the cheek and opted to drive me home. I am seriously beginning to suspect that he is getting it from someone out there Naya because I don’t see how a man of this present age and era can stay with a woman for two (2) years without making love to her. It’s either he is gay and is using me to protect his image or he’s busily sowing his seed out there.
“I have done all I could and I’m still getting nothing from him but I’m in love with the comfort and satisfaction he’s already giving me and can’t allow that to pass me by. My friends are strongly convincing me to find other means to make him have sex with me or if he finds satisfaction elsewhere from another woman I’ll just be kicked out of the scene. I am confused Naya, please what would you advise?”
Ama first things first, when it comes to your relationship matters pay no heed to the opinion of your friends. For all you know, they’re wishing and dying for what you have. I think you’re the luckiest girl in the world to have a man who gives you all want without asking for sex so why ruin it? he’s probably making plans on walking down the aisle with you very soon and might just be putting you to the test to see how long you can stay faithful to him so don’t allow your friends to pollute your way of thinking with their thirsty attitude and irrelevant opinions. Stay strong and pray for your man before you push him away with your daily schemes to have him in bed. Not all men are moved by sex!
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