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Ceo of Afrocabello , Barbara set To Lecture at this years Health and Curls Expo 2017

Meet Barbara, one of our speakers at the health and curls expo.
Barbara Aessie Kportufe is a proud African who hails from Ghana and founder of Afrocabello. Afrocabello is a natural hair brand and hub. It is a community of people who appreciate African beauty and empowers women to rock their natural hair with confidence.
She's obsessed with black hair and dedicates her time in researching and sharing ways and tips on how to grow and manage natural hair as people of African descent. She likes to experiment with a lot of her discoveries to see how it works on her hair and can’t wait to share them with you at the expo.
When she's not researching on natural hair, she devotes her time to working with Early Years Company Limited as a Business Resource and Operations Manager. She's very social, likes to go out and have fun, cook, read and sing. Find afrocabello at www.afrocabello.com .
Pass by to see Barbara, she has lots of secrets she'd like to share with you 😊    

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