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He thought he could do without me- Paa Qwesi. ' Here's what we know about THE DOBBLE BEEF'

High life music duo Dobble have not been too much of a group in these recent times, more specifically after their Christy hit single. For sometime now, it was in the grape vine that, the duo have had some challenges which might have led to their split.
Well, what we have for you affirms it.
Tension between Paa Kwesi and Enwai rose when 'Christy' the last song by the duo won an award at the recent VGMA.
Paa Kwesi who received the award almost ended up giving a speech that seemed to 'side out' his partner/colleague till he was prompted by his manager. From that point, people started reading meanings into this issue. He later apologetically used his Facebook page to put out a post of remorse to plead with his brother and fans for that ill speech. 
                                                         Now here is where it gets interesting.

Enwai also posted on Facebook accusing Paa Qweci for not giving him his ticket allotted to the both of them to attend the VGMA event.

To clear the air, Berla Mundee on her Rythmz show on GH ONE summoned both parties through a phone in conversation.One guy nicknamed POPE (Enwai's Manager)  spoke on behalf of Enwai. When asked about Enwai's absence at the VGMA, He made it clear to Berla and her audience that, Paa Qweci hoarded the tickets allotted to them both to attend the event and try as he Pope did, Paa Qweci did not give out the tickets. He also added that the duo were not going to perform at this year's Kwahu Easter festivities just because Paa Qweci claims he is not ready to perform as a group. 

Paa Qweci was later reached to either affirm or debunk what Pope has earlier said and to recount his side of the story. He revealed that, during the early stages of the VGMA nomination process, Enwai expressed disinterest in the award. This even slowed their nomination as he had to eventually file for the category 3 days to the deadline. Paa Qweci said:
 'I kept reminding him but My brother told me, he was not interested in the awards'.
With the issue of the tickets, Paa Qweci says he felt that since Enwai was not interested, there was no business calling out and giving him the ticket. He added that, as brothers, Enwai should have personally called him if he wanted to attend the event rather than letting his manager (POPE) do so on his behalf.

According to Paa Qweci, Enwai felt he could do better without him. Enwai went on to send him a whatsapp message to quit the dobble group. From all indications, Paa Qweci felt disappointed and to an extent disrespected.
When asked why he had refused to perform at Kwahu, PaaQweci revealed that Enwai after the split turned down a lot of offers including a gig to even perform at the African Movie Awards. This washed him off his involvement in the group and his decision to remain and operate as a solo artiste.
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