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Moments after the leaked nude video of Rashida Black Beauty went viral, people took to various social media platforms to express their worries and concerns over such acts of immorality with many mocking her over the issue of houseflies playing around her vagina as seen in the video.   
A young man, however, has emerged as the one who leaked the video onto social media platforms. Publicist and CEO of AaceHypez, Kwami Aace, was allegedly reported by GossipMail Ghana to be the young man who leaked the video. Many have gone against Kwami Aace for carrying out such a dirty act.

However, Phylx.com can vehemently confirm that the news reported by GossipMail Ghana is false and that a wrong elucidation of a joke by its (GossipMail Ghana) reporters, led to the development and publication of such story. This comes after an intense investigation by our team and interactions with sources close to said culprit.
According to the young publicist and CEO, a joke posted on Facebook alongside a picture of himself (Kwami) with Rashida Black Beauty (picture was taken at the 2016 Jigwe awards at Movenpic Hotel in December) by his colleague was misinterpreted by GossipMail Ghana and ended up with such horrible story. It’s quite sad that the website did no further research before publishing a false story about a young man. He asked that the site apologize and retract the story or pull it down else face action from his legal team for defamation of character.
We hereby entreat the public to disregard the news about Kwami Aace as there is no truth to it.
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