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Ashe Ase ama Oniipa. (This is the beginning for Oniipa). A vision of a fruitful and unforgettable music journey available to be enjoyed by all and sundry come this 29th July, 2017.
Oniipa;  one of many vibrant and young creatives bearing the torchlight for Ghanaian music has a soon to be released musical project that deserves an unmatched attention and patronage. 

The official artwork and track list for the EP was recently outdoored by Oniipa and his team. Arguably;  both artworks are exquisite and can be sited as one of the many moments;  where creative design expresses its utter meaning. 
Another aspect aside the beautiful artworks is the structure of the track list. The structure expresses a formidable arrangement of his songs. The 12-track EP starts with a welcome treat through to 'We Are Here'; an official announcement to cement his existence in the Ghanaian music circles.

With uprising hopes as the times pass;  we expect nothing but greatness with Oniipa's 'Ashe Ase' Ep.  We also urge all music fans to be on the look out for the project.
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