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Wizkid and Future Have Worked Together Extensively

Wizkid is the poster boy for the African music to the world movement and while early his recently released Sounds From The Other Side, seems to have enhanced his standing in the global scene. While Wiz has taken to countries like Kenya on his own, he has also accompanied Future on some shows on The Future Hndrxx Tour. Earlier this week, it also became apparent that Wizkid and Future have worked together extensively and it’s only a matter of time before the public gets the results. The story of how Drake jumped on Ojuelegba is commonplace today and its unclear if Drake had any role in Future and Wizkid’s new found friendship however, its interesting to continue to see Wiz get cosigns which have without a doubt put him on the face of the American music scene. How much Wizkid and Future music actually exists, nobody knows seeing as ‘a gang’ is rather vague the bottomline though is that it exists. The more important question is when it shall come seeing as Wiz is known to sit on his songs for ages considering tracks like African Bad Gyal and All For Love off Sounds From The Other Side were recorded in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Source - culturecustodian.com
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