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Official Cover Art + Release Date for Akan's New Album 'Onipa Akoma' Unveiled

If anything great has happened in the Ghanaian music circles over these recent years, that should be Akan. A young and unconventional rapper challenging the the status quo of Ghana's rap music. His ability to tell stories and express his ideas in the Akan language is fast earning him credits, wide spread influence and a unique status ahead of his colleagues. No doubt he has been likened to the legendary story teller Okomfuor Kwadee.

Let's get you into what's up with Akan, now that you have been briefed about who he really is and what he is capable of.
Akan is set to release an album (LP)  come this October and it's a project worth your time and money. The album is a 15-track masterpiece carefully nurtured, produced, mixed and mastered by a team of the best producers in the Ghanaian hip hop scene as of this moment;  talk of JaySo, Young Fly and TwistedWaves. Apart from Worlasi, there are no featured musicians on the 'Onipa Akoma' album.
Here is the official cover art for the 'Onipa Akoma' album. A very artsy picture depicting heart breaks, disappointment, joy, and glory concurrently.
According to Akan, the album would be released and available on major digital platforms on the 14th of October this year. However, all folks who want to have a first hand experience of the album can pre-order on aftown. (Just click on this link)

Gear up for a musical experience stronger than all expectations. Based on previous records of Akan, we strongly uphold that 'Onipa Akoma' is going to be a very worthy musical journey. We entreat everyone to come aboard;  Ghanaian rap music just got a million times better.
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