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Shatta Wale descends heavily on Mr. Logic over ‘ungrateful’ comment

Multiple award winning dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has descended heavily on his former manager, Mr. Logic over an ungrateful comment made by the latter.
The ‘Ayoo’ singer in reaction to claims made by Greater Davis Communications C.E.O on live radio said he gets pissed off when he hears people tag him as unappreciative.
According to Wale, he had already made his name (Bandana) before he met Mr Logic also known as Sterling who showed interest to support him.
It turned into a whole thread of statements and replies on live radio between the ‘Taking over’ hitmaker and his former manager.
“I was listening to Kumi Guitar’s ‘Dream’ song before I heard Logic talking about me. I want Logic to know that I respected him  but I didn’t see him as an artiste, so if he’s talking about being real, I’m more real than him. The first day Sterling[Mr Logic] called me, I was at Dansoman. He commended me for the kind of songs I have and told me my songs are good and wants to help me. He told me he sees something good in me. Before Sterling saw me, I had my crew, the Shatta Movement and we were already on the streets doing our own thing so they should stop saying I made Shatta Wale, who he is. These comments are primitive and should be avoided. Before Sterling knew me, I was already Bandana.” Shatta Wale said on Zylofon FM.
Shatta Wale commended Yoggy Doggy and Mad Fish for their support shown to him when he started doing music.
“Those days when I started my ‘chobo chobo’ ragga, I didn’t know you Sterling, it was Yoggy Doggy and Mad Fish I knew. I did respect them for the support they gave me. Let me tell Ghanaians today that all those who have been supportive to my career don’t call me and ask for money but Sterling will always chase me for money. He is always hungry, today his car is faulty, tomorrow his wife is sick, his mother is sick. Man like me can’t work with a man like you because he is a liar.
“Don’t come and sit on radio and start ranting that I’m ungrateful. Those I knew for many years don’t talk like this. Don’t come and sit on radio and lie to the people that you are real, I am real that is why you see that I’m going on and you are moving backwards. He should stop talking like he was the one who made me.
“He shouldn’t spoil people’s fun this morning, If he needs prayers, he should tell me to pray for him.” Shatta added.
Mr. Logic’s comment that triggered this whole mixed feeling was labeling his former artiste as being ‘ungrateful’ and not set a good example for upcoming artiste.
“Wale said I’m always hungry…. really. I’m happy Wale said something and went to that direction. He said he is going on and I’m going back but at least when I traveled by air first, Wale was yearning to have a visa. I took him to a travel agent with a concocted invitation he brought. If Wale wants to talk about going forward and going back, Mr. Logic isn’t going back. As I speak now, I hold a double passport, I can fly anytime I want so I’m not going back. Who was hungry than him (Shatta Wale). I’m not here to insult him but he did. When he was at Nima, I was there for him. I visit him every morning at Nima when he was with his former girlfriend Juliet before he met Shatta Michy.
“What brought this feeling was that, I said a dancehall artiste spoke to me and before I could say yes, I had same feeling I had with Shatta Wale.” Mr Logic told Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM.
Via Kasapafmonline.com
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