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"4 years of sadness and doubts. Who killed my manager" Kwaw Kesse Remembers His Manager's Murder With this Question.

On March 13, 2014;exactly four year ago, Myjoyonline.com reported that, Fennec Okyere had been shot dead by unknown assailants at his mannet Gardens residence at Spintex road, Accra.

Who killed Fennec Okyere?

Following this gruesome incident, a lot of conspiracy theories sprung about who these murderers could be. In effect, The Homicide Unit of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service arrested Larence Nana Asiamah Hanson (Bull Dog) after two months of hunting for the perpetrators of the alleged murder. 

According to reports, Bull Dog was alleged to have threatened Fennec on several occasions through voice and text messages. Inferring from instances highlighted by one Mr Prosper Agblor, The Director General of the CID, Commissioner of Police (COP , investigations showed that during an entertainment program on Peace FM, during which both Fennec and Bull Dog were interviewed, the suspect was offended by the answers provided by Fennec to questions from the host.

“After the program, Bull Dog called Fennec and threatened to send his boys after him to teach him a lesson and to get rid of him,” Mr Agblor said.

Subsequently, the CID boss said, there were series of threatening voice calls and text messages from unknown persons believed to be agents of the suspect, Bulldog. 

The police investigations also established that on March 12, 2014, Fennec received a call from an unknown caller.

Unfortunately, Fennec was found dead at his residence at the Manet Gardens on the Spintex Road the next morning.

Four years after the death

Bulldog, the main suspect was recently acquitted and discharged of all the murder charges. In a report filed by The Publisher Newspaper, The Accra Central District Court has discharged BullDog following the conspicuous absence of the prosecution. The court also held that the complainant had also been absent.

Up till this point and inferring from Bulldog's acquittal, we all upheld  that, the case had been settled and done with until Kwaw Kesse  tweeted at the Ghana Police and some media houses about the incident. In the tweet, he said:


Why is Kwaw Kesse still asking about this issue? (at least the case appeared to have been closed, when bulldog the main suspect was acquitted of the murder)

Being this very close to the case, would it not be safe to say he knows more than anyone he directed his question to? 

What motivated this question in the place?

Could it be the recent Zylofon-Stonebwoy' uproar implicating the freed suspect 'Bulldog' again?

These are questions that need to be answered in the quest of answering the ultimate 'Who killed Fennec'question.

Stay with us for more developments on this story.
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