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Ayat To Fight Depression With His New Song 'Di Asa'. The Song Will Be Released Next Week Saturday (14th April)

The 14th day of this month - April is fast approaching, in effect Ayat is working to release yet another new music.

This is as part of his #WANNAOWNBEDIFFERENT monthly challenge, with which he envisions to release a new song on the 14th day of every month.

With April's episode of the monthly series, AYAT presents a song themed on a very pressing worry devouring quite a number of the youth. The song entitled 'DI ASA' is purposed to give hope, revival and a sense of inner renewal to everyone battling with the depression menace.

This is what AYAT had to say about the forthcoming song.

'Di Asa' meaning Dance in the local Akan dialect was produced by Kay So and already has a visual directed by ace and prolific video director, Yaw Skyface.

Here is a snippet of the video

Ayat's new Di Asa song, will be made available for download on the 14th of April; next week Saturday. Be on the look out for this new one and trust us for an exclusive as soon as it drops.
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