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Renner and Her Record Label, Who Left Who? (More details here)

We are in the fourth month of 2018, and Renner one of Ghana’s promising and young female artiste who gained a lot of traction last year has not made any move.

Is there a problem? Is it a strategy? Is she calling it quits? Here is what we know thus far about her four month silence.

According to information gathered from close sources, Renner in the closing days of December last year displayed a disinterest to continue working with the Gym Hits factory, her known record label.

This according to her management, begun by Renner’s reluctance to attend recording sessions, followed by her, scrapping off the label’s ‘GHG’ component in her online identity on all social media platforms. Originally she was known on facebook, twitter and instagram as RennerGHG, until the mid-weeks of January, where she changed that to just Renner.

From the info we gathered and continue to gather, her management, led by Nana Yaw Boadu - radio producer and prolific content creator, has tried to no avail in identifying the problem and resolving this issue its inception.

Was she on a contract?

Yes, she was on a contract which is yet to expire, according to information from the management.
More reason why the record label GHG is finding it hard to understand this development is that, seemingly, everything was in place for her. For a better part of last year, it would have been impossible to mention female dancehall artistes without the name of Renner. From her addictively savouring performances at events which left fans yearning for more, her songs, and her trending mashups points to the direction that, the blueprint for her growth and success has been laid. To top it all, Renner was set to have her first European Tour, an impressive feat tedious to pull through

Why will she throw all this way?

It is hard to tell exactly. Generally it can be said that she lost interest, but as to what sparked that loss of interest, we are not in a position to tell.

Is she another ungrateful artiste?

Well, that would be a gruesome and uninformed conclusion to arrive at, more especially since her part of the story has not been made available. If she wishes to discontinue her journey with the label, she could have made it known for all modalities of an exit to be brokered and adhered to by both parties.

Nonetheless, here are what both parties have to say about this issue:

What is the way forward?

Renner is a witty performer and an amazing talent; surely she can bounce back to the scenes anytime and still wow her audience. However, she could suffer a great loss of all her past works under GHG management, since the label may still have ownership claims. Additionally, she could suffer legal actions if GHG decides to press charges for unlawful termination of contract.

For now we can only hope that this interim absence and silence brings back a stronger Renner.
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