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Shatta wale to do a song for Pastor Mensa Otabil

Shatta Wale knows what he wants and indeed knows how to get it.
On twitter in the early hours of yesterday, Shatta quoted one of Pastor Mensa Otabil’s (founder and overseer of the ICGC) inspirational tweet with a request to create a song for him. The tweet said:
Will this fall through?
Well, with his ground breaking record of asking the president NAADA for a birthday tweet and an invite to the president’s residence, we can only hope that this particular Otabil request will be granted. Additionally, Shatta Wale has already established his love Respect and reverence to the pastor on many occasions, with his rather distasteful reaction video to Ghanaian pastors after his death prediction.
Yes so Shatta knows what he wants, and kniws how to ask, but will he achieve this very one? What be your mind?

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