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Can Nigeria defeat Argentina?

Nigeria's hopes of making it to the next round of the 2018 World Cup was rekindled after their win over Iceland. Two goals from Ahmed Musa was enough to get the Super Eagles a defining win. Nigeria is chasing a fourth second round qualification. 
The win also brought renewed hope to Argentina as a win over the Africans in the next fixture will see them qualify ahead of the African nation. Both nations have lost to Croatia who look to have booked a place in the next round. 

A draw for the Super Eagles against Argentina can see them through. Though it's somehow dependent on the results from Crotia's clash with Iceland. Nigeria will be in search of their first win over the South American nation at the Mondial. Though they have beaten them twice in international friendly matches. 

Mr. Odegbami, in a Facebook update on Saturday, believes Nigeria can overpower their Argentine challengers. A former captain of the Super Eagles, Segun Odegbami, has prescribed measures he believes the senior national team at the World Cup in Russia should take to defeat Argentina on Tuesday

Read his full post below;

"The morning after. Things have changed around here. There is a fresh feeling of confidence, and Nigerians are walking around with a swagger. That’s what winning does. But all of that will only sustain until next week Tuesday when we shall go through, once again, all the emotional, physical and psychological challenges of this past Friday again. Again, there will be the usual high expectations, infectious enthusiasm, pressure-cooker tension and unbridled passion.

Fortunately, Argentinà are not the same very powerful team that they were four years ago. Messi is also getting blunted by age and a noticeable depression of realising that his one tree can still not make a forest. On top of that we have defeated Argentina only a short while ago, and that puts them on a psychological edge going into this next do-or-die encounter.

It is a match that only Nigeria can lose themselves, because right now Argentina have been tenderised by the last two matches they played and are waiting to be devoured by any serious effort. In short they are now a sitting dock.

But that’s also the problem.with Nigeria. I recall USA 94 and France 98 and even Brazil 2014, where the Eagles exited from the World Cup because they did not sustain their winning attitude at critical times, relaxing and taking things for granted, making simple and unnecessary technical errors, and forgetting their typical all-out fighting spirit.

This time, we must take lessons from our past failures and remain focussed with every move until the battle is won. Under normal temperature and pressure, avoiding unnecessarily fouling of Messi in our area, running powerfully at the weakened Argentine defence, taking their defenders on with power, speed and skills, Nigeria shall win decisively next Tuesday.

This is the best opportunity and time to revenge the painful defeats the Eagles suffered three times previously at this same stage of the World Cup at the hands of Argentina. On another note, I am confident the Eagles will win this particular match for all black people on earth.

After winning that match I shall return to Nigeria fulfilled in the belief that you can win the World Cup without bringing home the trophy. Defeating Argentina is winning the World Cup of 2018 in my own books. Can’t wait until next Tuesday."
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