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Four Unpopular Facts About Kwesi Arthur

With his massive musical influence on the youth, to his BET nomination, then to the unflinching support he is enjoying, Kwesi Arthur is easily attaining Ghana's darling boy status.

He has been voted by our editorial team, as personality for this week, therefore we are still hailing the youngest sensation.

As our personality of the week, lets take the focus off the frenzy, to share some facts about Kwesi Arthur, you may or may not have known.

1. Full Name
Kwesi Arthur was born Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur Junior.

2. Age
Kwesi Arthur was born on 18th December 1994, Currently he is 24 years old.

3. At some point in Kwesi's life, after high school, he almost became a security guard when he was denied admission in to the University of Ghana

4. Kwesi Arthur is the voice behind popular Melcom advert 'Bibiara w) Melcom
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