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Lack of Appreciation For My Style Pushed Me Away From The Ghana Music Industry - Wiyaala

Wiyaala is one of the top most music exports from Ghana, gaining lots of attention mainly outside Ghana. An artiste of her calibre, ideally should have a huge level of traction locally, which is not the case, a challenge Wiyaala blames the Ghanaian music industry system for.

Wiyaala performing. Source
Over the past week on Joy News' E with Becks, the Ghanaian pop singer and song writer -Wiyaala, revealed that, the whole industry has failed to appreciate her and the sort of music she does. She added that, she being unable to be tamed caused her to focus on other markets (foreign) which are more appreciative. 
When you are not doing what the sytsem wants, they pretend you don't exist - Wiyaala
Talking about the cause of this subtle neglect, Wiyaala established that, having to sing in an unpopular dialect (Sisaala), and blazing an unfamiliar not-so-girly path which is not currently in vogue, contributes to the subtle neglect. She added that, there have been instances, where she has been advised to tweak her style a bit to fit within the current music terrain just to gain some more popularity or even win some awards; a counsel she sternly denied.

When wiyaala was asked to rate the reception accorded her by the Ghanaian music industry, she emphatically state zero, mainly because she had no clue of the particular ways by which the system supports her. She opined that the system is selective and discretionary with these exact words
I normally say: They know what they are doing, when they feel this person is ready to be pushed, they all rally behind the person and push. Till they feel that way about me, the ball is in their courts. - Wiyaala. 
However, Wiyaala believes her music may not be for current investment, but that was not all that matters, being able to nurture something for the future adds more to her craft and brings her joy.

She continued to urge the Ghanaian music authorities and other stakeholders must ensure a very effective royalty base to financially compensate artistes for their creativity. 

With her final words to colleague artistes, Wiyaala beseeched artistes to understand that, it is actually cool to challenge the system, to be who you are- the ultimatum for Wiyaala is that artistes must be happy and comfortable wherever they choose to be or however they choose to present or man their craft.

Wiyaala has a new album in the pipeline that she believes everyone would love. Watch this space for more exclusives as they unfold.

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