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Preparations Underway for The Yoyo Tinz Festival, Appeal for Funds Launched

Yoyo tinz, a creative start up established in Accra has for the past five years (since its inception) being documenting the past and present happenings of Ghana's hip hop culture in order to be better placed in identifying and aptly preparing for the future.

Amongst this start up's nummerous ambitions is the goal to put up a hip hop festival to commemorate their fifth year in business and to celebrate Ghana's hip hop progress.

The festival which is planned to be a two day event will include rap, graffiti, beatboxing, break dancing, djing and other informative and entertaining activities.

Here is an event map proposed for the festival. Source: Twitter/yoyotinz
 Yoyo Tinz as a recognized brand for organising the yoyo tins set at the annual Chalewote festival has amassed for itself massive credibility and experience in the field of events management. There s certainly no doubt, that, this forthcoming Yoyo tinz festival is spectacle to behold.

With preparations underway, an appeal for funds to the tune of approximately GHC 200, 000 has been launched with several directives to the means of contributing to this sum.

Composite budget for the festival. Source: Twitter/yoyotinz
The pictures right below demonstrates exactly, how Yoyo tinz plans on sourcing for funds and putting the accrued funds to use.

The company Yoyo tinz has announced to the general public for financial support to be able to facilitate this festival. We urge all and sundry, both Ghanaians and non Ghanaians to contribute to this worthy course of uplifting the Ghanaian music culture. To donate or for more details kindly follow this link:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/yoyo-tinz-festival-2018#/

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