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Story of The First Black Governor-Asomani

Revolutions usually change the social order. Sometimes a fundamental change in power is all that a society needs to get back on track. This change can be experienced individually too. The Religious Revolution and Industrial Revolution from the distant old are all stories to tell. 
The Intifada (1987-93 and 2000-04) Chechen Revolution (1994-96) Kosovo Rebellion (1997-99) Bosnian Civil War (1992-95) Egyptian Revolution (2011) Iranian Revolution (1978-79) are recent revolutions seen by the world.  

How many though can recount that of Nana Asomani, the first Black Governor?

Asomani was a warlord with a great reputation in raids, business and negotiations during the Akwamu's reign on the coast. Akwamu had defeated and colonized the Ga from 1680-1730. He is noted for the capture and conquest of the Christianburg (Osu) Castle from the Danes in 1673. The Danes had foiled an Akwamu attack on the GA people and this made them instant enemies of the Akwamus.

The Akwamus in revenge called on Asomani to help them defeat the Danes. Asomani was chosen because he had served as a cook in the English Forts in Accra and was abreast with the "European way". He was also a trader and acted as a broker for Akwamu traders who came there to trade with the Danes in Christianburg. 
Asomani led 80 men from the militia into the castle in 1693. They deceived the Danes into believing that they had come to purchase firearms. Unknowingly to the Danes, Asomani and his men had gunpowder hidden on them. Led by the Danes to their armoury, the Akwamus took the guns, filled them with the gunpowder and turned on the Danes. What could they do than to surrender?
He sent the captured Danes to Akwamu to be kept asking slaves. After which,  he declared himself as Governor. Narratives have it that, the Danish governor was killed by Asomani and his men after he tried to flee during the conquest. Others say he escaped wounded to tell nearby Dutch Fort called Creveccuer. Asomani hoisted a white flag with a black warrior insignia over the Castle.

During his reign, Asomani would entertain captains of trade ships to expensive dinners dressed in the regalia of the Danish Governor. He would also welcome all ships approaching his Castle by firing the cannons. He ran the Castle for a year. 
He became a minor chief in 1703. He built a palace with his favorite cannon mounted on it after resettling in Akwamu.

A short reign it was but the land of Africa needs such spirits. This act propelled the Akwamus to remain core in the coastal trade. The keys to the Castle which he seized during the invasion are still in the Akwamu Palace. 
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