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We Are Continuing The Legacy of the Paapa Yanksons - Kemenya

PAAPA YANKSON, (to mention but a few) is one of the few Ghanaian legends who chalked over 30 years mainstream success, both locally and internationally. That denotes that these musicians for a long time, had the music game figured out and were doing something right.

Having a dream to be recognised in the leagues of the Paapa yanksons seems quite like a scary one, but the music duo - Kemenya is ready to challenge the status quo.

Yesterday, the 14th of July,Kemenya unveiled a new music video titled Gbetormenyo. At the unveiling event, we (motionhypegh.net) got to ask Kemenya some questions related to the newly released record.

They revealed that, after a brief sabbatical off-period, they are now poised more than ever to blaze the trails of legends like Paapa Yankson, Kojo Antwi etc.

Kemenya revealed that more of their music efforts would be tailored to give the listener a music experience that is beneficial in more than just one way; ultimately doing songs you can only dance and sing along, but songs to urge people on and keep them in their right elements.

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