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We are almost closing in on a year after Friends With the Sun came out, and Bryan The Mensa already has a new EP, indeed consistency is key in every career growth.

Bryan The Mensah is ready to release another music project which again defines his unique existence in the Ghanaian artistic space. WILD LIFE as the six track EP is titled comes out this Saturday (18th August, 2018) and features EL, Efya, B4Bonah, Kojo Cue and some more other artistes.

Bryan The Mensah shared some exclusive facts about WILD LIFE EP with us, and here are they:

1. He started writing the EP last year Novemeber. (That's only like two months after releasing 'Friends With The Sun'; how amazing?)

2. The artwork is a representation of him observing his own self. 
He says "I was watching myself through the TV and that’s how I was able to tell the stories in the songs cos if I used a first person perspective my story would’ve been biased towards only the good things about how I lived. But it shows both good and bad". (So, the artwork is a balanced mirror reflection of his life)
Official artowrk for WILD LIFE EP
3. The lightning bolt in the artwork stands for energy and light since that’s how he has realized his music makes most people feel. He says "As the fans are being enlightened they are also being served with the bounce and rhythm that they most require in order to stay entertained through out the music.

Official track list for WILD LIFE EP
4. The track list is arranged in a way that tells a story of Bryan, who was first feeling lost and frustrated because he was in search for peace and didn’t find it. He rather found Love and its complications, and also God's mercies which empowered him to find peace through his mistakes.

5. This EP signifies his growth and gives him more room to keep creating and churning out nothing less than good music that resonates perfectly with his listeners. "I realized how much artistic growth I’ve been able to attain since my last project and it’s incredibly remarkable"

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