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M3NSA - God Is Good

Legendary Ghanaian hiplife artiste, M3nsa has added his two cents to Ghana's recent political religious debate with a new song titled 'God is good'.

In this new one, M3nsa brilliantly captures the antics of today preachers, who have laced Christianity with subtle extortion. In the song, he also conceptualizes how the modern day christian plays the 'cool lamb' role in the name of the popular 'touch not my anointed' cliche.

Another feature of the song worth talking about is the cover art. The image has a human head, with two faces, left being M3nsa and right - Pastor Mensa Otabil who has in the few weeks been everywhere in the news over the collapse of Capital Bank and his reported aloof role as the Board chairman.

Download M3nsa's God is good song below.

M3nsa - God Is Good

Stream this song online via souncloud

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