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Shatta Wale Accepts Hammer's Challenge To Sell One Million Copies of The Reign Album

Legendary Ghanaian music producer and business mogul - HAMMER still believes in the 'CD' (compact disc) era and physical distribution. He has thrown a challenge to Shatta Wale for permission to sell 1 million copies of his forthcoming Reign album; a challenge Shatta Wale has accepted.

(What is the Reign Album)
For the better part of this year, Shatta Wale has almost always been everywhere talking about his forthcoming Reign Album. He recently released the album art cover which has unexpectedly became the profile pictures of many SM fans and go-supporters.

(When did Hammer throw the challenge and when did Shatta Wale accept it?)
The hammer was on TV Africa yesterday morning, discussing music and entrepreneurship on breakfast live on with Niki Samonas, where he threw the challenge. Shatta Wale via twitter, today, accepted the challenge.

(Can Hammer really sell 1 million copies of Shatta Wale's Reign Album)
Successful music distribution requires a lot and even a lot more when talking about physical distribution using CDs which has become irrelevant in today's digital world of mobile phones.

 Hammer is going to have a hard time pulling this off, but judging from the fact that he was a vibrant personality in the days of CD sales, he sure may have a couple tricks and strategies up his sleeves. Additionally, his current works with the A1 cake brand gives him enough leverage on the current marketing terrain of Ghanaian consumers.

All the same, we are rooting for him - one million physical CD copies of the reign album will surely be a history.
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