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WATCH: Amaarae Talks About Her Music, Cardi B and More With Her Mum.

Ghana's young and artsy musician - Amaarae is definitely designing a very customized path for her career as an artiste.

From her wavy hair colors, to her  silky voice  and of course her well thought out performances, it is more than clear, that, Amaarae exists in her own space, very comfortable and well positioned to thrive and to churn out the 'good stuff and only the good stuff'.

In a video published on her YouTube channel, Amaarae is seen having 'tete a tete' with her adorable mother, chatting about her music, making money through the music, and it looks super cool.

Amaarae revealed in the video, her mother who is more focused on raking in cash from the art, has now assumed managerial role of  the Amaarae music brand. In the video, her mother adds how being a mother will inspire her to do more to ensure that Amaarae has a successful music career.

Watch the video below

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