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Watch: FOKN BOIS - Want To Be White (Village Sessions)

The FOKN Bois are out with a new one, and its definitely intriguing and odds -defying. 

Source: Accradotalt
The Ghanaian music duo which is made up of Mensa and Wanluv (da Kuborlor), has been thrilling music listeners with authentic and captivating since the early 2000's.

The music duo has several music projects and accolades under their belt, including the controversial Cos Ov Moni. FOKN Bois who last released an album (FOKN ODE TO GHANA) in 2016, is out with a new video, in which they express their dreams to be white. (controversial right?)

The video which was published 1st of August, appears to be a performance for the Netherlands video house 'IDK Sessions' on youtube. 

Watch the video below

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