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Ghana's grammy award nominee has been designated as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program.

Rocky joins Indian actress and model - Diya Mirza, Chinese singer cum actor - Wang Junkai, Hollywood kid movie star - Aidan Galagher, and Li Bing Bing who have all been signed as Goodwill ambassadors this year.

United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors are prominent individuals who volunteer to highlight important areas of the U.N.'s work. They include influential people like actors, athletes, authors and musicians who can leverage their influence to raise awareness on socio-economic, environmental and other development-related issues eg. poverty, famine, climate change etc.

The international afro roots music star well - known for his Africa Reggae Fever song, was announced by UN as an official good will ambassador at the very end of August.

The Ghanaian music reggae legend who is also a staunch campaigner for a safe environment has confirmed this, by sharing his inspiration and vision for this new journey and its impact on the African continent.
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