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Ganyo Dread Unveils His Pains and Sorrow music video with support from Sariki, Kwesi Slay and and Many more colleague artistes.

Last night at the Signature Lounge in Ashaiman, fans were treated to a myriad of performances, good food and a music charged environment just to witness the newly unveiled Pains and sorrows music video by Ganyo Dread.

Prior to the video unveiling, colleague artistes like Masaany, Kwesi Slay, Gallaxy, Okukudam, Slim Jae and more took turns to entertain the audience making the event very worthwhile.

Ashaiman came out in their numbers to support Ganyo Dread on his quest to unveil a music video we can describe as one of the highly conceptual creative projects ever to be released this year.

The newly released 'Pains and Sorrows' video which is a product of the many songs on Awaga's Shanti rhythm, is expected to be on all popular music video avenues soon.

For now you can check out the Pains and Sorrows song by Ganyo Dread below.

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