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All You Need to Know about Ga and Proud Clothing Line

Clement Teye Hagoe is a Ghanaian born and bred in La, Greater Accra Region of Ghana. He studied Graphic Design at Takoradi Technical University

He is now a fashion designer with his own organization named Proud Label

The Ga And Proud Clothing 

The Logo is made up of three strips with which contains the writings Ga and Proud.

The Ga letter is embodied in a builders square and a set of compass,a symbol similar to that of the Masonic symbol with the idea of calling themselves Ga Masons which implies building their Ga Tribe back on its Feet.

Clement took inspirations from the Ga Culture (that is, Impress through the city of Ga that made him) in short, he just wants to prove that they are proud of their tribe no matter the nature of it.

T shirt 
Singlet (Tank top)
Sweat shirt 
Hoodie(Pull over)
Shirt(Classic wear)

The Proud Label is a self financed entity. 

It is the current biggest selling brand from In La,Teshie,Osu,Nungua and Tema (All Ga Lands)

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