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Stonebwoy and Cina Soul Join Unicef to Launch the 30th Anniversary of Convention on the Rights of Children.

Approximately thirty years ago,Ghana led the world in the ratification of Convention on the Rights of Children, - an international agreement on the rights every child in the world should have.

Since then, the country together with development partners like UNICEF has taken critical measures to uphold these rights in high esteem.

This year marks 30 years of the establishment of the Convention on the Rights and Stonebwoy and Cina Soul joined UNICEF to support the anniversary. The 30th anniversary of the CRC was aimed at celebrating thirty years of championing child rights and both artistes were present to register their support for the welfare of every Ghanaian child.

In attendance were Dr Grace Bediako (DG of National Development Commission), Nicholas Pron, UNICEF Special Advisor to the Director of Communication and the Minister of Gender - Hon. Cynthia Morrison who led the UNICEF team and all stakeholders present to solemnly pledge to be champions of the rights of children.

More picture from the event here:

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