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Sarkodie Sings and Dances For His Wife On Her Birthday

Have you ever seen Sarkodie bust some moves or sing any other song completely apart from his? That's Sarkodie and he probably will never. Perhaps not for the demanding public, but for his very own wife, Sarkodie will make an exception.

Yesterday marked Mrs Owusu Addo Tracy's 29th birthday and Sarkodie stepped on the dancefloor with some Champaign, and a silky romantic voice singing his favorite Daddy Lumba song 'S3 Sumy3 Kasa'.

How do we know its his favorite Dady Lumba song?

Check out his 'Jennifer Lomotey' collaboration with Kurl Songx where he raps about one 'Jennifer Lomotey' an original Krobo woman with all the appeal a man can ever desire. In one of the lines he says 'B) me Daddy Lumba sumy3 kasa na me ne wo 3nfa bu y3 pa' which translates to Play me Daddy Lumba's sumy3 kasa,so you and i can rock our waist to it.

But all that is not the point, go and enjoy the video.

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