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In every page and every chapter, every episode of what we call life, there is a breaking moment. A moment that makes us fall to the ground, a moment that makes us miserable, a moment that could make everyone of us question the essence of our existence and sometimes God’s.

Yes, just like death, we all face that breaking moments in our lives; they are inevitable.

These moments lead us to make the most difficult decisions in life, like having to put others first, or having to go an extra mile just to prove your worth.

I definitely may not know the specifics of every breaking moment, but please allow me to make some lose guesses. 

Such moments of life may be the hustle of having to provide for yourself and family, brooding over some past mistakes, inabilities to stand and fight life’s several purposes and beliefs, enslaved by life’s realities.

However, these breaking moments and struggles are indeed part of the human world and have to be faced head-on. They normally do not look easy: how to survive it, where to get help, who to get help, are all answers that may not be easy to come by.

Open your mind, heart and eyes
In times like these, we are likely to limit ourselves to specific people in our circles, forgetting the fact that the abilities and capabilities of people in this world are unknown unless they are put to test. Sometimes we all are just lazy to put our backs to the ground to accept the wrongs we have done and move on to the future with the hope of making things better.

Open your mind to all the possibilities available, pleasant or not. Open your heart to accept the realities associated with every possibility. Open your eyes wide enough, in order to be discerning and alert, sorting out people you can trust.

Believe in your innate capabilities to overcome
As humans, we are masters of our own selves, we power our own lives through our choices and decisions. However, more often than not, we tend to let situations determine our course, robbing us of the control over our own emotions; enslaving us to certain pressures of the society.

We need to regain control of our day to day feelings, with a staunch believe in our innate capabilities to overcome challenges and breaking moments. If we lack the ability to control that aspect of our lives, we become wondering preys waiting to be devoured by the world’s predators.

Indeed struggles are bad and heart breaking times when you ever find yourself facing one of its fears, but it is part of life puzzle, and its outcome depends on you and how you solve it.

Work around your clock
There is a saying that “no situation is permanent” well, so they say, but if you decide not to work around your clock in your given space, you will remain trapped availing yourself for the realities of life to take a cause on you.
“Always remember we never wish for the wrongs in life but the best of life we hope for…”
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