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Magnom ft. Shatta Wale – I Taya (Download)

Magnom just released a song called "I Taya". The song is about heartbreak, perseverance and patience in a relationship. But focusing on that alone is boring right? It’s true that heartbreak is a sensitive issue and it’s true that “it can pain” but what you rather do? Sulk? Or drown your sorrows by pampering yourself and have good time whenever and wherever. We are here to tell you to do the latter because “I Taya” was made for jamming and Jamming purposes only so grab your headphones, aux cables or whatever device you use to listen to music and play it till you are tired of it (we know this would most likely not happen) and when you are out partying  tell the DJ to get with the program! I Taya is out in all digital stores worldwide sooo  “We Move” !

Magnom ft. Shatta Wale – I Taya


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