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Richie Mensah Calls Out Carbon Night Club, After Physical Abuse Incident

Richie Mensah, the founder of Lynx Entertainment -record label behind the success of Ghanaian musicians like Kidi, Kuami Eugene, MzVee and many more, has voiced out bitter expressions about Carbon Night Club in Accra - one of the city's go-to resorts for night life.

On the 28th of June, Richie Mensah's Lynx Entertainment had organised a birthday party for Mona, Ghanaian socialite popularly referred to as Hajia 4 Real.

According to Richie Mensah's account posted on his official social media pages, he was manhandled by some staff of the night club as he stepped up to the aid a young lady who was going through the same fate. 

Find the exact words of Richie Mensah, posted on the 29th of June here, for further reference.

Although too early, some social media users have started demanding for actions including the termination of staff involved in this act.

Carbon Night Club has since the incident, rendered an official apology, and assured to carry out an investigation into the issue, based on footages from the club's CCTV camera.

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