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The sardonic performance of the Black Stars at the 2019 AFCON in Egypt cannot be attributed alone to the abysmal performance of the players and the technical team. The politicking, cronyism and affinity that was displayed prior to the AFCON cannot be left to repeat itself in future. Well, I guess the white paper from the Dzamefe Commission is stinking in the abyss of the privy of the Ghana Football Association and the Ministry of Youth and Sports 

The comedy of errors displayed by the Normalization Committee and the Ministry of Youth and Sports is satirical leading to entrenched positions from the football people. The posture of the Normalization Committee from the onset is portrayed to be the New Kings to rule football with its mandate given by FIFA. Many Ghanaians find it difficult to fathom a substantive issue addressed by the NC in 10 months of their stay. Are they really ready to learn? To get the basis right to prevent the satirical tones in their letters? Or is it a natural proclivity for the nation's football to happen this way? 

As many Ghanaians are desperate to jump on the bandwagon to malign prophets whenever they prophesied mainly about football and politics, let's do due diligence and pay mind to some prophecies about the Black Stars and Ghana football. Let's make facts clear without sentiments.

On 2nd January 2019, modernghana web reported that, the leader of the Glorious Wave International Church, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi had prophesied about the Black Stars and Ghana football. It was reported that, " The Black Stars would not win the Africa Cup of Nations this year (2019) and that the efforts of the Normalization Committee to restore football in the country may not yield any positive outcome". He further stated that, "football can only be restored in Ghana after 2020 and not foresee the game taking shape in 2019". Are these words going to awaken Ghanaians from their reverie of the Normalization Committee restoring sanity in Ghana football since number 12? It seems these words are unfolding, if it's not bent to happen, then, Football people must wake up and educate the Normalization Committee or else all these months of normalizing will be a waste of time. 

Can we forget about the standoff between the Normalization Committee and the Premier League Clubs? The iconic Braggadocio letter? Calling off the Special Competition and rescinding the decision? The abysmal performance of the Ghana National Teams including the AWCON where the Black Queens couldn't qualify from the group stage to grab a spot in the Women's World Cup in France and their inability to defend their WAFU title. The Black Satellite team arguably the worst ever U20 squad that couldn't qualify for the U20 World Cup. The scintillating Black Maidens team that couldn't reach their potential in the Women's U17 World Cup.

Everything seems to have gone bad under the Normalization Committee. Is unfortunate to watch the Sports Minister without indignation, wryly presented the "Budget" for the AFCON 2019. Clearly, Ghanaians had plethora of questions to ask about the expenditure of the Black Stars, but the leaders that represent us in parliament did a disservice to their people by not doing due diligence to ask the relevant questions for the Minister for Sports to answer.
In the first place, as this tournament was touted as a presidential project was the budget perused by the governance structure? We can’t forget about Kwasi Nyantakyi answering over 40 questions at Cabinet for the approval of budgets. If we are not angry enough to see how the tax payer’s money has been lavished without circumspection, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, we are talking about over 240 Billion old Ghana cedis (over $4.5m). I guess we have to shut up because the remaining $1.8 million will also be used for a useless commission of inquiry which its recommendations are never visited. Let’s ask these 10 questions.

  • CAF was responsible for the cost of airfare in and out of Egypt. So, the $924,168 spent on airfare alone was the fare spent on what? Black Stars' airfare to Dubai and from Dubai to Egypt alone?
  • The per diem of the Black Stars now purged at $200 which used to be $100?
  • The Black Stars spent over 22 Billion old Ghana cedis on food?
  • Was the $41,974.1304 the winning bonus given to the players? Was it a winning bonus or an appearance fee?
  • Why did supporters stay in Egypt till the end of the tournament? Their ticket were the cheap tickets that was non-changeable and non-refundable that compelled the Ghanaian Supporters to overstay with some coming back in August?
  • No visa fee taken for a visa to Egypt, so $8,541 was used to acquire visa for the team to Dubai?
  • Was Coach Didi Dramani the only scout who did a presentation to the technical team? What was the use of the additional staff? Do they merit the monies given them?
  • Rarely can an experience Auditor trace petty-cash transactions, can the details of the Incidentals, $42,576 elaborated?
  • The Minister is telling Ghanaians CAF organized a tour for supporters and that the government didn't spend any money on tour? Didn't we hear his voice peeping the supporters on and telling them they had made arrangement for the supporters to go on tour?
  • Journalists were given per diem? And so they have no moral rectitude to talk about the budget?

AFCON semifinals has been the berth of the Black Stars from the last 6 tournaments. Hence, the Black Stars qualifying from the group stage should always be the first effort to winning the ultimate and not jubilating to that extent as we saw in Egypt. Why has the Normalization Committee taken off the Public Interest Committee from the new GFA Status?  The renovation of Baba Yara and Essipon Stadium has been ignored? Revising the Sports Policy is not a priority of the Ministry of Youth and Sports again? 
Is the MOYS and NC not aware the Black Satellites are in Prampram wearing tattered jerseys for training and drinking "pure water"? Are we expecting the Athletes to win gold in the upcoming African Games when the various federation of 18 fields is slashed to 12 due to funding to cater for all the athletes? As we are planning to fail in future again, my fervent plea is to the football people to up the ante and come take over. I know the candidates who will vie for the FA presidency are ready with their manifestoes, can you start sharing what you have for Ghana football now? If not, the 'kankabi' Ministry of Youth and Sports who speaks and no Ghanaian dare mutter and the comedy of errors by the Normalization Committee  which has cracked our rips with enough laughter will destroy our football forever. This is a clarion call to the "Football People" wake up!

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