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Noble Touching Lives Foundation Ghana pays 90,000 cash for children suffering from Leukaemia

Noble Touching Lives Foundation Ghana(NTLF Gh)is a non profitable organisation that provides resources for parents and a child that has been affected by birth defect,childhood leukaemia and other neurological conditions.

These types of birth maybe caused by genetic problems,non genetics,Lifestyle choices,environmental factor,infection during pregnancy,problems with chromosomes among others.

Some societies see some of these children as goddess and that they can't live with them.Some parents of these victims abandon them after birth,others too isolate them in the village.

As part of NTLF Gh social responsibility,the Chief Executive Officer Mr George Annan and his able team took up the mantle upon themselves to bring smiles on these affected children and their parents.According to the young Chief Executive Officer,he said we should give hope to these defected children and also a responsibility to each and everyone to support this campaign against discrimination of defected children.

NTLF Gh lead by Mr George Annan donated a sum of 90.000 cash to these children with defect for a surgery on a grand occasion.Some dignitaries whom attended to grace the occasion were heads of governmental agencies,Traditional rulers,Tv and radio personalities,Kids from Nsroma Talented Show on Adom tv and Comedian A1 sparked the auditorium full of laugher.

Filed by Abrantie Kwesi Gyamfi
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