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This Jam is For Everyone: Ghana's London DJ' Outdoors New Project

LONDON DJ  drops a mix to welcome the summer and all the excitement that comes with it. The mixtape features a diverse variety of artistes across our favourite genres and more. Fans of Afrobeats, Reggae, Hip hop and even EDM will definitely enjoy the experience as London DJ takes them through the two-hour musical journey.

London DJ has rapidly gained attention across Kumasi's nightlife scenes especially for his idiosyncratic style of play. He was the DJ at Base Cafe while he was a student and was instrumental to the rise of The Basement Bar & Lounge, at the Kumasi City Mall. He's played shows across the country and is set for even more beyond.

His latest mixtape, "TJIFE" which apparently stands for This Jam Is For Everyone, features both local and foreign genres and artistes. You'd definitely want to turn on Auto-Shazam during the experience! From our favourite uprising talents to the hottest European acts, this mixtape has them all. This mixtape is for everyone.

According to London DJ, the mix is an embodiment of songs he enjoys, and he hopes everyone can pick out their own respective jams from the mix.
I wanted to create a fluid of moods that anyone listening can relate to. The integration Of multiple genres brings a flow of different feelings that makes it possible for different people to vibe with - by relating to a familiar song genre, or by discovering a totally new song for themselves on the mix. Basically, it is an embodiment of songs I enjoy personally, and I hope people listen to it and get to pick up their own vibes from it
For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact:
Kofi Fosu (kofi123.loop@gmail.com), (+233207946419).


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