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The Youth in Politics, Governance and Leadership - A DISCUSSION with Aaron R. Eshun (#SEPTWITTER)

Septwitter, an online project facilitated by Motionhype Ghana is aimed at creating a Ghanaian social and experiential learning movement. It thrives on the back of Twitter’s very interactive features to open conversations of teeming interests to millennials, calling on twitter users to air opinions on diverse topics.

For our third week, we discussed The Youth in Politics, Leadership and Governance with Aaron Eshun Anaba, aspiring politician and the founder of KNUST_LIVE.

Politics in Ghana as A Sport For the Old - AAron Demystifies

We asked Aaron if he shares the popular view of Politics in Ghana being a sport for the old, and he replied in the affirmative. However he emphasized, there is a new wave of young politicians building trust with the political ecosystem in Ghana, scratching the surface of a new future populated young and purposeful political fellows.
He went on to describe the political space as an inviting for the youth, once the youth is prepared to play the right cards - the acceptance is there.

Money and Accountability

Another well-known perception about politics was the. Politics in Ghana seems to be characterized by deep-pocketed few either behind the scenes bankrolling others without the financial power, or on the front line with the lot. We asked Aaron, if he shared this perception and his reactions.

With this submisson established, we moved on to ask, if there were any suggestions for the youth with little to no financial power to stay active in politics.
We delved deeper in to this aspect of the discussion, revealing how corruption is tied with high political spending, in the build up to leadership.
Talking about 'way forwards' Aaron strongly agreed to our suggestion of putting in place a measure that can regulate spending of politicians in the build up to leadership to ensure there is an agreed threshold that can be accepted by all political stakeholders.
Here are some more insights shared about corruption in politics

Political Trends

We delved into some current trends in the political landscape, asking for Aaron's ideal list of very youthful politicians. Among several other names, Aaron vouched for the current national communications officer - Sammy Gyamfi, who a lot of people including ace journalist - Kwame Sefa Kayi appear to have a problem with his tactics.
Talking about some more political trends, paved the way to ask about election chances come 2020, and specifically one of the keenly contested and anticipated constituencies - Ayawaso West Wuogon - where actor John Dumelo just won the baton to lead the New Democratic Party in the 2020 race.
Aaron also thinks Kojo Oppong Nkrumah - one of the New Patriotic Party's 'young bloods' will just be able to ascend the presidential throne, in the near future.

Aaron's Political Ambitions 

Aaron is a young graduate from KNUST, with quite a substantial pool of political knowledge as he operated in several capacities with KNUST Live, a media agency he founded. He hopes to groom himself some more, as he is currently offering his national service as mandated.

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