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5 Years of Showmanship and Fan Love, Stonebwoy's Ashaiman To the World Is Now A Festival.

On Saturday, the 30th of November, 2020, Stonebwoy's flagship free to air concert Ashaiman to the World will be organised for the 6th time at the Saka Saka Park in Ashaiman.

The annual event has become a home for one of the largest crowds in Ghanaian event history, with successively increasing numbers over the years.

With this year's edition, management and stakeholders of the annual event are promising a heightened level of music experience, as the concert's status is upgraded from a mere concert to a festival.

What is the difference between concert and a festival?

It is currently not clear, the reasons for this upgrade and we are not privy to any available intentions thus far. However here are some deductions we can make.

  • For a sixth edition, Stonebwoy is now more convinced than ever, of sustainability tendencies of this event. In an interview building up to the event, he revealed his wish for ATTW to flourish even after he is long gone.

  • Prior to the organisation, Stonebwoy's Bhimnation together with organising stakeholders have situated the event, in a bigger picture, of redefining the image of Ashaiman which has had its reputation defiled for several reasons, right or wrong. Documentaries establishing the objectives of the Ashaiman To the World tag, have been created to this effect.

This Saturday, the event is expected to draw an over 60, 000 audience, and bring together the creme de la crème in Ghana's artistic space.

Check the flyer above for a list of artistes billed to perform for the night. Here are some more.
  • Sunshine Soldier
  • ConkaBwoy
  • Mula Gad
  • Kwesi Slay
  • Ganyo Dread
  • Robert Hud and many more.

Check out the top 10 performances to watch out for this Saturday.
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