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Danny Wonders Tells A True Ghanaian Story in His Forthcoming Documentary -This is Ghana.

Danny Wonders capture Ghana's 2019 Year of Return moments in his new documentary titled - This is Ghana: A Story told By us.

Earlier this year, British born Ghanaian visual creator - Danny Wonders, traveled to the motherland Ghana for the first time. Ever since, he has been burning with a passion of telling an in-depth Ghanaian story, that is reflective of the country's societal and cultural make up.

"This is Ghana captures the beautiful aspects of Ghanaian culture and tourism in their many different forms. The documentary was made to to "deliver a message to peers in the western world, to come back to Africa and be around their people because there is a lot to learn and a lot to grow from". - Okay Africa.

The trailer as released by WonderVision on Youtube features several personalities - both local and from the diaspora, airing their experiences and opinions on why and how Ghana is fast becoming a favorite place for the world.

Watch the official trailer here:
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